Monday, July 25, 2011

I Love Coke

h&m cardigan & jeans, coca-cola t-shirt, alice & olivia for payless platforms

Spent the day in Berkeley and had an amazing lunch (lobster tomato bisque, grilled ham & cheese and steamed clams). 

I just love vintage t-shirts and old Coca-Cola advertisements. Sometimes I'm convinced I'm living in the wrong era. Something about vintage advertising makes me feel at ease. It makes me imagine a simpler time when a woman never had to open her own door. A time when the men were men and the women were ladies. Perhaps those glimpses from the past reminds me of what I desire most: a simple kind of life. 


  1. Hey, I just stumbled upon your youtube channel and decided to visit your blog. I have a question though, do you have a subscriber link, so that I can follow you? Hopefully, you'll come visit mine as well? Have a wonderful day. Love the leopard cardigan btw. :)

  2. i have always been a big fan of vintage t-shirts. i love wearing them. thanks for bringing it into my attention.
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