Thursday, February 3, 2011

Finding Me.

quail silk ruffle bomber, asos asymmetric top, f21 high waisted jeans
"Work me off on the 'mill." - Food

jeffrey campbell clinic shoes
Much like the rest of the world, I needed a break. That's exactly what I got today. A friend of mine suggested we have breakfast brunch at a neighboring city town that she used to live in a lifetime ago. Not exactly my first choice of venue; it's quite honestly a little too townie ....ummmm....(insert polite synonym for 'townie') for me, however, I definitely needed a change, and so I just smiled and nodded. Plus, she was driving. We took a short walk along the water while dodging some very aggressive seagulls (and dodging some strange looks from a bunch of closed-minded townies locals). I'm sorry, I shouldn't be so judgy--I blame the shoes. From what I did see, it was quite lovely. It was just what I needed...

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