Thursday, January 13, 2011

Japantown--Take TWO!

I love Japantown. I try to make it out there about once a month--if I'm lucky. I like to go there, eat, check out the cute Japanese chicks and listen to them talk, stock up on Japanese magazines (I'm inspired by Gyaru style and makeup techinques), and stock up on crazy snacks. Thought it'd be a great opportunity to head out there on 01.01.11. WRONG!

01.01.11 MOADED! The good side of the mall was closed
We decided to head back the very next Saturday. Hey, I was craving Okonomiyaki! Don't mess with me when I'm craving something. I will cut you.

Potato Croquette and Okonomiyaki sans mayo (blech!)
F21 lace dress, F21 leopard faux fur coat, H&M scarf, F21 garter tights, Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes in Tapestry, Prada frames

Hi Gwen!
Heaven in a box
Until next time...


  1. i love okonomiyaki! there used to be a place in DC that sold it but they stopped!